Launched in 2018 with ambitions to compete within different Esports titles and become one of the best organizations in the world, offering opportunities for players to participate in great tournaments and represent MIST worldwide in global competitions.

Questions & Answers

What is MIST about?

MIST is about family, hope and Esports. We wish to be a warm welcome to all fans, players and brands that wish to take innovative steps and create content that yet has not been seen. We will have teams competing in global events, organize events on a monthly basis and work closely with influencers to make sure that we stay on top.

Does MIST sponsor teams?

As any business, we are taking a look at the steps necessary to expand into different titles, hereby teams. We would never as an example expand into a title such as CS:GO, if we did not have a solid plan for the future that would bring benefits to both us and our partners.

Can I partner up with MIST?

We are carefully picking our partners to make sure our brand and reputation is not damaged, especially not the reputation of our other partners, therefore we usually contact the partners ourselves, should we have any interests. However, should you have an offer, send an email to mist@mist.gg with the entire proposal, as detailed as possible.

If we do not reply within 7 days, your proposal is probably not fitting with our goals.

How do we sign up to your tournaments?

It is very easy to sign up, you just need to visit FACEIT using this link: https://goo.gl/wFm93w 

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